Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Launch Day Recap

What a difference a day makes! On Wed March 16th we officially launched!

When we spoke to the press, we sensed that they were excited by the story. Though we could hardly imagine what was to follow. Just about everyone we spoke to, immediately published a story. Within a day, we were covered in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, just about every major news outlet -- and dozens of others. Getting featured on the Yahoo! homepage drove huge volumes of traffic our way, and our servers got overwhelmed.

We were disappointed that we couldn't handle the traffic. It meant that we weren't available for our new or returning customers -- this was upsetting; we aim to be a very customer focused company, and here we were on day one, disappointing you. We had a long night, but were back in business just after midnight. (We fed the monkeys too!)

We are fortunate that many of you were patient enough to join our waiting list. We now have the opportunity, and obligation to build the service you want, and get you off that waiting list as soon as we can. Stay tuned - we will soon provide more information to those on the waitlist.

In case you missed some of the coverage, we thought David Pogue did a pretty nice job of summing up the general sentiment surrounding Zediva.

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  1. Suggestion: instead of renting dvds, let me buy one for $20, rent your dvd player to stream it, then sell it back to you (or choose to have it shipped to me) when I'm done. Requires me to give you $20 to hold in an account for making my purchases. Might give you a little bit more legal cover for that fight with the movie moguls; after all it would be _my dvd_ you were streaming to me. Puts you in the identical space with amazon cloud drive, so you'd have someone big in your corner.